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The Poser (not Thinking), by Alan LaMont

The Poser (not Thinking)

A Wild Time In the Ole Bed Tonight, by Alan LaMont

A Wild Time In the Ole Bed Tonight

Some Still Manage to Land On Their Feet, by Alan LaMont

Some Still Manage to Land On Their Feet

Figure Study, by Alan LaMont

Figure Study

The Elements: Earth, by Alan LaMont

The Elements: Earth

The Elements: Wind, by Alan LaMont

The Elements: Wind

The Elements: Fire, by Alan LaMont

The Elements: Fire

A Day at the Beach, by Alan LaMont

A Day at the Beach

Garden 1, by Alan LaMont

Garden 1

First Cup of the Morning, by Alan LaMont

First Cup of the Morning

Resting, by Alan LaMont


Dancer, by Alan LaMont


The Bitch On the Barge, by Alan LaMont

The Bitch On the Barge

Irises, by Alan LaMont


Welcome to my website and storefront for works of art created by me.

Much of my art is representative of my dark-humored, fantasy view of life. It draws inspiration from pop culture, such as comic books (which have been a lifelong love of mine), the internet (with its wealth of pictures of anything you can imagine) and traditional art (always inspiring). I have often described my work as "Pop Baroque" due to the strong influence of both artistic periods on my work. The style of these periods of art are about as opposite as you can get, but I feel I echo the sensibilities of both generations in my approach and message.

I work in many mediums, but much of the works on my site are either Linocuts – many of which are hand-painted, photographic/computer-generated images, or watercolor and acrylic paintings. My belief as an artist is that every statement I am trying to make visually should be expressed in the most appropriate medium at my disposal.

Please browse and enjoy my work. If you wish to register to shop or to be put on email lists for upcoming events, please feel confident that my site is secure and I don't sell my lists. Thanks!

Alan LaMont